Financial support for editing and developing the Historical Thesaurus has been provided either as direct funding or through related research grants by:

  • The Arts and Humanities Research Board/Council, 2000–2006, 2011–2018
  • The Axe-Houghton Foundation, 1978–1981
  • The British Academy, 1975–2004
  • The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland, 1998
  • The Joint Information Systems Committee, 2009–2011
  • The Leverhulme Trust, 1969–1997
  • The Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation, 1977
  • The Manpower Services Commission, 1981-1988
  • The Modern Humanities Research Association, 1986
  • The University of Glasgow, 1969 onwards

Other universities have also provided support through staff involvement in the project:

  • Brock University, Ontario (Angus Somerville)
  • University of Dortmund (Hans Peters)
  • University of London (Jane Roberts)
  • University of Munich (Günter Kotzor)
  • University of Regensburg (Reinhard Gleissner)
  • University of Regina (Thomas Chase)