How to Cite

Each category page contains a link to find a custom citation for that category in APA, MLA, and Chicago styles. If your style guide prefers a single bibliography entry for this resource, we recommend:

The Historical Thesaurus of English, version 4.21. 2019. Glasgow: University of Glasgow.

If your style guide insists on author names, then we suggest:

Kay, Christian, Jane Roberts, Michael Samuels, Irené Wotherspoon, and Marc Alexander (eds.). 2019. The Historical Thesaurus of English, version 4.21. Glasgow: University of Glasgow.

You will normally also need to give the date on which you accessed the site. We also strongly recommend you give the version number of the database at the time of your access (this is 4.21 at present; for more information, see this page).

Finally, please note that each search result and category page has a persistent URL which can be used to refer to a precise point in the database.

Citing the About Pages

Where no author is specified, the About the Thesaurus and other text pages on this site were written by Marc Alexander and Christian Kay. You can therefore cite the information on these pages as in the following example:

Alexander, Marc and Christian Kay. 2019. Facts and Figures. In About the Historical Thesaurus of English. Glasgow: University of Glasgow.