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Word results:|09 n.
The body :: Hand :: palm of handbred (OE){"fulldate": "OE", "times": [{"id": "timelineRow_0", "starting_time": 1000, "ending_time": 1150}]}|10.08.01 n.
Measurement :: Measurement of length :: units of length/distance :: length/breadth of hand :: breadth of hand handbred (OE){"fulldate": "OE", "times": [{"id": "timelineRow_2", "starting_time": 1000, "ending_time": 1150}]}

[{"class": "tip", "catorder": 2, "firstdate": 650, "lastdate": 650, "catnum": "|09", "catid": "24202", "label": "handbred [Hand :: palm of (n.)]", "popup": "handbred [Hand :: palm of (n.)]: OE", "times": [{"id": "timelineRow_1", "starting_time": -27454550400000, "starting_ac": "", "display": "circle"}]},{"class": "tip", "catorder": 0, "firstdate": 650, "lastdate": 650, "catnum": "|10.08.01", "catid": "110052", "label": "handbred [Measurement of length :: breadth of hand (n.)]", "popup": "handbred [Measurement of length :: breadth of hand (n.)]: OE", "times": [{"id": "timelineRow_3", "starting_time": -27454550400000, "starting_ac": "", "display": "circle"}]}]